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"Onesie" Earring Necklace (Class)

onesieGather up your 'onesie" earrings, and your other assorted charms and small pendants, (you know, the ones collecting dust in your jewelry box) to create a fashionable, contemporary necklace filled with meaning and memories using your choice of chain from our collection of sterling and other materials. In this class, you'll learn not only about design, but how to attach your pieces using jump rings and to finish  your necklace with the perfect clasp.  You may use base metal or precious metal; the material cost will vary accordingly.
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3-D Triangles (Class) $40. includes materials

3d triangles photoThe puffy beaded beads you create in this class can become earrings, pendants or necklaces. Using a needle and thread we will demystify this very cool technique. You will wow yourself with your creations!
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Bead Crochet (Class), 2 Sessions, $80 + $20 materials; Skill Level: Beginners

Bead CrochetA traditional technique with contemporary styling and materials. Small Glass seed beads are first strung on thread and the crocheted iwth a crochet hook to amake a bracelet that has flexibility, strength, and rolls on. The class is two sessions. In the first, you will learn how to crochet and in the second you will be instructed on starting and ending your work to form a continuous bracelet. For home work between the two classes, you will practice crocheting and stringing beads to bring with you to the second calass. You will be provided with a spool of thread that Sign Up For Class »

Bead Embroidery Pendants (Class)

bead embroideryIn this class you will learn how to stitch the basic module to complete a pair of earrings. We willwork with classic braid materials, beads, and finishings.
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Bead Weaving on a Loom (Class) $60 + $10 materials

bead weaving on a loomDon't be intimidated by the title or the technique! Together, we will demystify this traditional technique using exciting new bead shapes and colors, including cubes and triangles tocreate an amazing bracelet. We will also explore approaches for finishing our piece using various clasps and buttons.

Beaded Beads (Class) $40.00 includes materials

Beaded BeadsIn this intro class, weaving beads with needle and thread, you'll create dazzling large focal beads. You will make 2-3 beads, using crystal. Once you master this technique you can experiment with materials to take make this technique your own!  
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Charming (class)

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